Welcome to Aperrture, the photographic home of Roger & Rawle, two creatives who share a passion and love for all things photography. 

Working together on most of our photography projects allows our clients to receive more than just a beautiful record of their day or event, they can look forward to dramatic, innovative and emotional photographs covered from various angles. 

Our approach to weddings and lifestyle portrait photography leads to an intimate and artful expression resulting in images that reflect your unique personality, capturing the natural mood of the day/event. 

We are strong believers that post-editing is as important as dynamic and creative photography. All of our RAW images are processed in Adobe Lightroom and retouched where required to add even greater depth to your already stunning photographs. 

If you’re planning your wedding or special event and you like our photography style, then we’d really love to be there with you. We promise to be discreet and take beautiful photos of everything for you to cherish along with your family and friends or clients for years to come.